Providing an opportunity for all children to develop their full potential.

Penreach Bursaries programme

Promotes a culture of academic excellence by providing comprehensive educational and psycho-social support to vulnerable and highly gifted youth from marginalised communities.

Number of children on bursary programmes in 2021:


Penreach Shalamuka Bursary Programme (Prep School)


Penreach Shalamuka Bursary Programme (College)

The value in managing bursaries

In partnership with Penryn, Penreach is able to manage large-scale recruitment campaigns in different regions, ensuring the best chance of schooling success for a relatively large group of scholars. Due to its established operational, management and financial processes, Penreach can easily manage the social, logistical, academic, financial and other aspects related to scholar well-being and progress. Many schools on their own do not possess the additional capacity to ensure that children adjust well and are emotionally secure within their new environment to perform to the best of their ability. This is why the relationship between Penreach and Penryn has enabled no less than 26 children to be enrolled on bursaries and scholarships over the past 2 years. The continued academic progress, leadership development and participation in sport and school life of these children is evidence of the success of the programme.

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