What We Do

We are based in the beautiful Mpumalanga province working towards educational excellence in disadvantaged communities in our region.

Our experienced Change Agents build capacity with educators and school leaders working closely with the Department of Education and school circuits. Through skills development, mentoring and coaching we are able to impact positively on education. Our beneficiaries include children aged 0 to Grade 12, teachers, school leaders, and parents.

We offer five programmes to support the national goal of 90% of children achieving above 50% Maths, Science and Language by 2030. We look forward to not only connecting with like-minded organisations but also to change the future prospects for all South African children.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide access to quality educational through our interventions to our beneficiaries.

Our Vision

Educational excellence for one and for all South Africans.

Our Values

Penreach promotes caring as our core value. We care about education, we care about our staff, and we care about others.

ECD & Supportive Systems and Quality Schooling

Closing the gap for children in disadvantaged communities.

All Gr R children should have access to quality education by 2030.

 Foundation Phase stakeholders are empowered to actively support and promote a culture of reading, ensuring that learners continue to develop and enhance their basic reading skills.

The behaviours that have the biggest impact on assessment performance, are the management disciplines of the school.

 90% of learners achieving above 50% in Maths, Science & Language with increased 21st Century Skills. The general public is aware and knowledgeable about new trends in STEAM. More children can read with understanding at an early age.

Learners from under-resourced communities benefit from quality private school education for their entire school career.

Transforming School communities through effective skills development.

Dedicated to nurturing the talents of scholars and educators in rural school.

Dedicated to nurturing the talents of scholars and educators in rural school.

Giving young, unemployed youth an opportunity to gain valuable work experience?

Our Footprint


Kindly note that we are currently in the process of updating our website as some information has changed. We appreciate your patience during this time.