Helping children to read with understanding in home & English language by end of Grade 3

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Foundation Phase teachers


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Penreach expands Asifundze programme into Gauteng Province

With funding from the Zenex Foundation, Penreach has expanded the Asifundze programme to 20 primary schools in Soweto, with a focus on Curriculum Catch-Up in Foundation Phase for teachers, HODs, SMTs and parents. The programme also employs trained Education Assistants to assist learners with grasping specific concepts.


2022 Number of schools Mpumalanga


Number of schools Gauteng

The impact of the Penreach Asifundze programme

The Foundation Phase learners in the programme, scored an average of:


85% learners in grade 3 achieved above 50% in Home & English Language in 2021


86% of Grade 3’S in the Asifundze programme scored, above 50% in numeracy skills at the end of 2021

Penreach Asifundze projects in Mpumalanga

School Based
Reading Camps
Special Events

School-Based Literacy & Numeracy

78% of the Grade 4 students do not comprehend what they are reading in the English language. Moreover, 29% of children this age are illiterate.

Penreach Asifundze addresses the challenges related to literacy and numeracy education. This is done for the Grade R to the Grade 3 students. Teachers are key players for the development of literacy and numeracy skills. They receive not only training, but coaching support too. Furthermore, they also receive tools and the materials. This improves the teaching delivery of literacy and numeracy in the classroom.

In like manner, the Heads of Department receive the training and the tools needed to support teachers. Of equal importance is the support they receive, in order to manage and also to track the curriculum delivery in these subject areas.


Penreach is an implementation partner on the Roger Federer Foundation pilot project for school readiness in Grade R. 

The main goal of the school readiness initiative of the Roger Federer Foundation is to provide vulnerable children with a good start into primary education through access to quality Grade R. Its focus areas are the Provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

RFF Grade R School Readiness Initiative.

Start-of-Term workshops for teachers and HODs on curriculum tracking for the term

In-class coaching of teachers

Workshops around subject content and pedagogy



Primary Schools





Community-Based Reading Camps

The reading camps are fully volunteer driven. At Penreach, we train the volunteers and also supply them with a Book Bank. We do this in an effort to make books available to children, and  we strive to develop the literacy of all children in our region!

In order for the children to have extra reading opportunities, the community members not only open up their homes, but their garages and their gardens too. This initiative supplies both the books as well as the reading space for children.

A volunteer hosts anything between 20 and  200 children  per weekday afternoon.

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift” – Kate DiCamillo

Training of community volunteers

Daily Reading Camps

Penreach Book Banks

Ongoing support of volunteers



Reading Camps



Special Events

The communities host events such as Readathons, Literacy Days and also Spelling Bees for the children. This is done not only to support parental involvement in literacy, but also to further the learning of children. 

Read-a-thons hosted by partner primary schools

Literacy Days held at partner schools and Reading Camps Penreach Book Banks

Spelling Bees hosted by partner schools

Talented identification and access to Art & Music to provide the foundations necessary for the holistic development of a child.

Reaching out with Arts in Mpumalanga

Artreach is a project that reaches out to previously disadvantaged communities in the art of music.

The project builds capacity with teachers and learners to practice music, develop talent and promote the benefits of the arts.

Talent identification and access to Art and Music to provide the foundations necessary for the holistic development of a child.


Child Beneficiaries


Artreach Programme

Artreach is reaching out to disadvantaged communities with the arts to create opportunity and awareness. With access to an excellent Music Academy and skilled teachers Artreach is conducting training sessions with groups of learners selected from target school to participate in Djembe, Marimba and choir training. Learners are transported to Artreach at Penryn once a week to undertake lessons. Coaches also travel to communities to give lessons. Artreach creates an opportunity for learners to partake in performances and is proud to expose learners to a world of music and art.

Marimba Band

Djembe Band


Talent identification and access to top-grade facilities and sport science coaching to learners & educators from disadvantaged communities.

Reaching out with Sport in Mpumalanga

Penreach implemented the Sportreach programme in 2017 to promote school-based sport at under resourced schools in disadvantaged communities through a Coach the Coach programme.

The programme allows community schools access to sporting facilities not currently available to them and is considered a community empowerment programme.


Child Beneficiaries


Sportreach Programme

Coach the Coach Workshop

Development Tournament

Hockey Clinics

5 Aside Hockey Festival

Arrangement for participant to attend provincial trials

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