Statement from Penreach CEO Mr Andile Ncontsa, on violence against women.

3 September 2019

As Penreach, we have often been imposed by the daily realities of our communities to intervene on matters we previously had no expertise in, such as providing toy libraries in our communities for access to toys by homes that have none; an opportunity for children to read in and out of school through our army of community volunteers; providing nutritious meals at ECD (Early Childhood Development Centres) because nutritious meals (just like breast milk), are part of the building blocks of a child’s brain development; mobilizing communities to build natural playgrounds at the ECD Centres and Schools we work with, and many other interventions we never intended- all of it to realize the delayed dream of a better life for all.

So now, the girl children in particular, whom we reach together with other partners to nurture from birth, are raped and killed by men, for the simple reason of their gender, the joy, intelligence and beauty of being a girl, whom we should all be honouring as our Queens, which is who they are is desecrated, daily.

Like I said, there is nothing we can’t do, nothing which must be done that we won’t do. We call upon organizations with a national reach, and credible anti-violence against women programmes whose programmes we can outlay to take hands and reach close to half a million children from birth to 18 years.

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Andile Ncontsa



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