EV Challenge 2019

EV Challenge 2019

Penreach maths & science team support target school learners in their participation of the EV Challenge 2019.

The Penreach Change Agents continuously encourage students to get involved in STEM programmes through activities like the EV challenge. The primary goal of particpation in the EV Challenge is to work as a team and, design and build electric motor vehicle with three wheels, whilst complying with the events rules and regulations. The vehicle uses electricity as source of energy in the form of kinetic energy with zero carbon emission. The car is completed with special features that require creativity and critical thinking, whilst the students are equipped and well informed on scientific, mathematical concepts, that will improve understanding of the STEM curriculum.

View the vlog below, as we get insights from the particpating learner, his teacher and parent.

EV Challenge Results 2019, Penreach teams Blue Motion and High Swift achieving position 3 and 4 in the class C division.