Penreach Snapshot 2018

Penreach Snapshot 2018

In 2018, we were entrusted with the educational outcomes of almost half a million children. We are excited to share the snapshot of the impact of our efforts which progressively shows how we are performing along government’s stated goal of 90% of all learners achieving above 50% in Maths, Science, and Languages by 2030.

Snapshot 2018

We increased our efforts in the ECD space significantly, both in terms of depth and breadth. We did this specifically by joining forces with other organisations that also seek to increase access to quality ECD services. We are now the regional franchisor for SmartStart in Mpumalanga. Through the Asidlaleni (Let’s Play) 12 community-based Toy Libraries were established in marginalised communities. 8 Natural Playgrounds were created by parents and other local stakeholders, thereby increasing the opportunity for 600 children to learn through play. Children are receiving nutritious meals in 36% of the ECD Centres we work with.

Penreach Books in Homes and our community-driven Reading Camps had a massive impact on the outcomes of reading in Grade 3, with a 6% increase in the number of children in our target schools achieving above 50% in Home and English Language. Similarly, our target school performance in Maths & Science for Grades 4 -7 show 37% improvement in the number of children achieving above 50%.

School leadership development in two circuits received a boost through the Penreach Courageous Leadership Development Programme impacting on nearly 24 000 primary school children, resulting in improved school and people management, infrastructure and curriculum.

Sportreach programme has made great strides in the holistic development of learners, through a coach-the-coach programme in hockey & rugby. Lastly, our first Artreach performance at the 2018 Penreach Awards ceremony is testament to what can happen when passion and expertise meet.

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