Penreach Teacher Development Workshops

Teaching effectiveness is the main driving force behind learner performance. Effective teaching is, however, hampered by several factors in communities across Mpumalanga.

Thousands of teachers and ECD practitioners have attended Penreach workshops to improve their skills and knowledge and to engage in peer-to-peer learning with their colleagues.

Penreach, with the Department of Education in Mpumalanga, addresses the shortcomings through 36 hours of intensive, practical, in-service training workshops from ECD level to Grade 9. Expert facilitators tackle real-life subject-based problems that teachers find difficult to present to their classes.

School Management Teams (SMTs) and School Governing Bodies (SGBs) are trained on effective school management practices to better support teaching & learning in their schools.

“It is now easier for me to teach Natural Science, I actually have the confidence to teach and I now actually enjoy teaching Science!” – Sam Hlatshwayo, Grade 8 & 9 Science teacher attending Penreach Teacher Development Workshops


ECD Subjects
  • Baby Care
  • Basic Skills in ECD
  • Creative Activities.
  • ECD Centre Management
  • Health in the Pre-School
  • Introduction to Computers.
  • LEGO  
  • Music, Movement and Games
  • Story Telling

Theme & Lesson Planning

Teaching and Learning Subjects
  • Barriers to Learning
  • Computers — Word
  • Computers — Excel
  • English FAL Grade 4-6
  • Home Language (SiSwati) Grd 4-6
  • Languages Grade 1
  • Languages Grade 2
  • Languages Grade 3
  • Life Skills Grade 1-3
  • Life Skills Grade 4-6
  • Literacy & Numeracy Grade R.
  • Mathematics Grade 4-6
  • Media
  • Natural Sciences Grade 4-6  
  • Numeracy Grade 1-3
  • Resource Making Grade 1-3
  • Sign Language
  • Sportreach

Trauma Counselling.

School Management Subjects
  • School Management
  • School Governing Bodies

All topics are accredited by the South African Council for Educators (SACE) and teachers earn Professional Development Points (PDP) for attending Penreach Teacher Development Workshops.

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