Penreach ECD

In an unequal society, ECD is the great equaliser. The same educational outcomes are possible for the children from all backgrounds.

Asifundze Literacy & Numeracy Development

“Children need to read with understanding by the               end of Grade 3.”



Penreach Maths & Science Programme

“Only 24% of the South African Grade 5 children can answer this Grade 2 level question: Pam has R40. She spends R28. How much money does she have left? South Africa’s economy is dependent on a technically skilled workforce.”

Penreach Courageous Leadership Development Programme (PCLDP)

“The behaviours that have the biggest impact on assessment performance are the management disciplines of the school.”

Penreach Scholarships & Bursaries

“Scholarship programmes spread the effects of academic excellence to marginalised communities. This is through the children and families that receive the opportunity to engage with world class education at Penryn College.

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