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Insights from the field: Penreach Play Day 2019

By Esther Sithole According to A Child’s Right to Play: Policy Brief for South Africa, “Play is both a right as well as essential for optimal development of children in their early and later years”. Play is not only fun for children but it helps them develop life -...

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EV Challenge 2019

Penreach maths & science team support target school learners in their participation of the EV Challenge 2019. The Penreach Change Agents continuously encourage students to get involved in STEM programmes through activities like the EV challenge. The primary goal...

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Press Release: Penreach Play Day 2019

Penreach Play Day 2019 Mbombela – “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”- Fred Rogers. Penreach experiences the transformative power of play for young children on a daily basis, in pre-schools and homes across the region. But once a year,...

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Insights from the field: ECD What is Water Play?

By Poonam Dwarkaram What is water play in ECD? As Penreach Change Agents in ECD, our programme implementation plan consists of coaching and mentoring the Practitioners and Centre Managers of our target centres in Mpumalanga. This includes identifying different...

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Penreach Snapshot 2018

In 2018, we were entrusted with the educational outcomes of almost half a million children. We are excited to share the snapshot of the impact of our efforts which progressively shows how we are performing along government’s stated goal of 90% of all learners...

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