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We are based in the province of Mpumalanga. Our team works towards educational excellence in disadvantaged communities in our region. To this end our experienced Change Agents work through interventions. They do this with schools, teachers and also principals. Additional interventions include not only ECD centres, but also circuit offices and parents.
Our Mission
Our aim is to provide quality and educational interventions to, not only learners, but to teachers and leaders too.

The Vision

Educational excellence for one and for all South Africans.

Our Values

At Penreach we treat each other as we would like to be treated. Furthermore, we not only listen to others but value their contribution too. 
Moreover, we conduct coaching and mentoring, coupled with training and development. This we achieve through a range of projects with one aim: 
Penreach strengthens the capacity of not only leaders, but also educators.
Above all, we deliver educational excellence to children from…  0 years up to grade 12.  
Our ideal goal is for a country where every single child has access to a quality education. 
Penreach has built valuable relationships in Mpumalanga over the past 25 years. Included in these is the Department of Education. 
In conclusion, we strive for a holistic education for one and for all. With this in mind, we launched our two new programmes. Sportreach as well as Artreach. 
Read more about our programmes on the Penreach Profile and Programmes page.
To view the Penreach experience on Youtube, click here.
Or click here to view our Annual Report.
See our beneficiaries experience and also the impact that each programme has made in the
We look forward to not only connecting with like minded organisations but also to change the future prospects for all South African children
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi


Below is a map with reference to all the areas we currently work in.

Penreach Overview

Penreach Overview 2019
Snapshot 2018

Penreach Profile 2019

Penreach Annual Report 2018

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